Grooming & Care

Items to assist with the very important task of keeping your Wheaten's coat in a knot and tangle free condition.
other items which assist with every day care

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Collar and Lead set with Wheaten Terrier motifs
Matching Wheaten Collar and Lead Set with Wheaten Terrier motifs Woven set - available in vari..
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Collar only
Woven Collar with Wheaten Terrier motifs Before ordering - please Contact Us to check that t..
Comb for Irish Wheaten Terrier coats
A wooden handled comb with narrow teeth for the finer coat of the Irish Wheaten Terrier..
Comb for Wheaten Terrier Coats ('heavy coat')
A wooden handled comb ​ especially for the 'heavier coated' Wheaten Terrier the Irish Wheaten Ter..
Guide to care of your Dog - DVD
A Video Guide to Care of the Wheaten Terrier PLEASE NOTE If you don't have a PayPal accou..
Guide to Grooming your Wheaten Terrier
Guide to grooming your Wheaten Terrier PLEASE NOTE If you don't have a PayPal account, us..
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Lead only
Woven Lead with Wheaten Terrier motifs Available in various colours: Before ordering - pl..
Tick remover
Cleanly removes ticks with a twist of the stem. Instructions provided PLEASE NOTE If y..
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