2018 Membership Renewals

It’s great to see the subs renewals coming in from Members already. Thanks to those that have paid up so early. For those that haven’t yet paid, then this is a further reminder for you.

However, we have noticed that many members, mainly those who pay by standing order, are still underpaying their subs as they have not yet amended their standing orders since the new rates came into effect. This is despite reminders being sent when this happened last year. Please can we ask that those who pay by standing order, check the amount to be paid on these, and ensure it is correct for their membership type - £16 for Joint and £14 Single. If it isn’t correct, then please can you either amend your current standing order, or cancel it and set up a new one, for the future. Or consider other ways available to pay in the future, such as paying on-line through the Club shop, or by bank transfer, or by cheque. Underpaid members should also please note that the Club rules state that only fully paid up members can take part in any Club voting or the AGM. So please ensure that any current underpayment, which you can also pay very easily via the shop on the Club’s website, is paid before the cut off at the end of February 2017. Otherwise this will affect your ability to take part in the AGM or any voting this year.

If anyone affected by this has any questions please contact either Alison Fallon or Denise Pascoe, who will be happy to help. Email addresses for both are in the Bulletin, or on the Club website. Thanks.