Our Judges Lists are compiled annually by the SCWT Club of GB Judges Sub-Committee at their meeting held at the  National Terrier Show every April in accordance with The Kennel Club's Code of Best Practice.

Updates for those judges on the B and C Lists are requested annually, usually December/January. Those whose status has changed will normally be notified in writing after the lists have been endorsed by the SCWT Club of GB main committee in April/May, as will new applicants.
Show Secretaries please note: The SCWT Club of GB will donate £10.00 to support your show if you appoint a judge from the C list.  We do this in order to help the C List judges gain experience to move on to the B list. 
Please notify the Club Secretary, Denise Pascoe (email, or the Club's Judges Sub-Committee Chairman, Margaret House (email if you wish to claim a donation.  Please forward a schedule of your show to the Club Secretary with your request.   
Prospective judges who wish to be included on the SCWT Club Judges List can download an application form and send it to Mrs Margaret House.  Or please send a stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Margaret House requesting an application form and one will be posted out to you.
Mrs. Margaret House
32 Oaktree Park
EX20 2NB