As a Club we are committed to providing you with all the relevant information and assistance to ensure your journey to Wheaten ownership is informative and to ensure that the Wheaten Terrier is the breed of dog for your family.


How to start your search for a puppy?
The Club strongly recommends that you visit one of our Area Representatives to see adult Wheatens in the home and to find out more about the breed.

Why is a visit to an Area Rep essential?

  • It gives you and your family the opportunity to experience the breed’s enthusiastic personality and the Wheaten greeting first hand!
  • To view first hand the size of a Wheaten and the high maintenance coat (some Area Reps have dogs of both coat types).
  • To be shown grooming techniques on a live model and be advised on general coat maintenance
  • To have the opportunity for the whole family to ask questions relating to the breed and the different coat types before committing to the purchase of a puppy.
  • Our Area Reps are not necessarily breeders but experienced Club members who volunteer to share their Wheaten knowledge of both good & bad points!
  • These visits have been invaluable over the last 30 years and proven to be extremely effective which is evident by the low number of Wheatens put up for rehoming.
  • Reputable Breeders will expect you to have visited an Area Rep as part of your research into the breed.

To find your local Area Rep’s contact details & receive further information on the breed email Chris Tilley (click here to email) with your full name & address.

Breeders Directory

Breeders listed on our website directory are Club members that follow our Club’s Code Of Ethics with regard to breeding healthy well reared puppies. 

Puppies Available
The Club only accepts adverts from Club members who have provided copies of relevant health tests on the sire & dam and adhere to the Club’s Code Of Ethics.

WARNING: The Club does not endorse the purchase or sale of puppies through:

  • newspaper advertisements
  • internet puppy sales sites
  • pet shops

and we strongly recommend that you do not acquire your puppy through any of these routes.

Kennel Club's Find-a-Puppy service.
As with any form of puppy advertisement (including our own) we would always advise that you ask any breeder the right questions regarding health testing, socialisation, registration etc before committing to purchase a puppy (Information on questions to ask and points to check is supplied with Area Representative Contact Details).